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Our Approach

We work with many of our clients on a retained and exclusive basis. This enables us to truly understand the ambitions and specific requirements of each of our client, effectively operating as a valuable extension to their business.   

Our unique and competitive fee structure allows our clients the flexibility to choose the total cost based on a range of criteria such as exclusivity and payment schedule.  

We ensure our values always align with our approach.

  • AGILE – We have the ability to adapt and tailor our approach to each individual client.
  • EXCELLENCE – Our Consultants are all high-performers, delivering best in class across all our services       
  • INNOVATIVE – We love doing things differently and actively encourage new approaches.
  • INTEGRITY – Underpinning everything we do is our promise to be authentic and genuine.
  • PASSIONATE – We love what we do and are genuinely driven by creating positive impact.

Why Work With Us

You want to attract the very best candidates:

We use a variety of attraction techniques to ensure that we capture the best candidates. Whether they are immediately available or working for one of your direct competitors, our diverse range of methods ensures that all avenues are explored. 

You want to pay a reasonable fee for a superior service:

As an independent consultancy, we can be competitive on our fees. Most executive recruitment agencies charge a premium for retained services, whereas we tend to reward retained work by making our fees more attractive.  

You want to truly understand and assess the best candidates:

Our coaching partnership model enables The Talent Place to build in a variety of profiling and assessment tools into the process. Such assessments (such as Hogan, DISC and MBTI) can help highlight a candidates’ morals, values, strengths, weaknesses and development areas, enabling a more thorough and enlightening interview process. 

You want to save time and deal with one point of contact:

When committing to working with us on an exclusive basis, we will ensure that your vacancy is filled with a candidate that you are excited about. We are experts in managing the most complex of recruitment processes, operating in an informative and professional manner throughout. As well as having only one-point contact, you can be assured that all candidates are assessed against a thorough and consistent process. 

You have a sensitive vacancy and want it to remain confidential:

We have a proven background in handling such sensitive requirements. One of the many benefits of working with an independent consultancy is that only one person needs to know about a particularly confidential requirement. The process can also be sensitively handled with the use of NDA’s when necessary.   

HR Recruitment Challenges

Most business leaders have different expectations of what HR can offer, which is often understandably based on their own experiences.  Such differing perspectives, coupled with a genuine disparity of HR talent, results in an alarmingly high proportion of unsuccessful senior HR appointments. 

At The Talent Place, we have helped our clients buck that trend.  If we work together, we consider ourselves to be an extension of your business.   With the benefit of 15 years’ experience and over 200 senior HR placements, we’ll challenge you to ensure you’re pitching the opportunity at the right level and the right type of person.   

When recruiting for a HR leader, there are so many factors to consider, and these are just a few; the complexity of your business, the consistent people related challenges facing your organisation, the culture you want to maintain or create, how progressive HR can benefit your company, the need for commercial agility and how operational or strategic they need to be.   

This may sound straight forward, but getting the balance between what your company needs and that perfect HR candidate is harder than it looks.  Our research shows that the single biggest reason HR candidates voluntarily leave their role is because of this misalignment. 

If your company is facing this challenge, get in touch, we can definitely help! 



Founder and Director, Tansel Omer has successfully operated within the recruitment industry since 2005. Having specialised in placing Senior HR professionals into his clients of varying industries and sizes, Tansel is a genuine expert in his field... Read More



Ciara is a graduate with a degree in Philosophy from University of East Anglia (UEA). She enjoys engaging with high-performing HR professionals who embark on their journey for their next career move.…Read More



With 7 years’ experience in Construction Recruitment and Property Management, Bryony specialises in placing HR candidates into the Construction, Property, Housing and Facilities sectors.... Read More

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Liam Askew, Assistant Site Manager

During our time together Bryony was professional, reliable, skilled in negotiating, and a pleasure to work with.

Anthea Besser, HR Director

Tansel has supported a number of senior hires, as well as work on recruitment projects- each time applying a bespoke approach, which is incredibly customer centric. He uses his solid understanding of the healthcare market, as well as his extensive… read more

John Overall, Construction Manager

I worked with Bryony closely for over a year through the pandemic, Bryony’s support in getting candidates, played a vital role in completing two major projects through a very tough time in the industry. Bryony’s communication and dedication to work… read more

Paul Carpenter, HR Business Partner

During my recent recruitment process I found Tansel to be incredibly professional, he kept a great feedback flow going between myself and my prospective employer in such a timely manner that I rarely see in other recruitment professionals. It made… read more

Stuart Ashby – Dev Ops Architect

I met Bryony at a conference in 2021. Her knowledge around recruitment soon becomes obvious and her personality puts individuals at ease for important career conversations. Bryony has an interesting backstory that ensures that diversity, equality, and inclusivity are foundational… read more

Paul Brereton, Director of HR

Tansel is a very professional and experienced recruiter who is particularly adept in ensuring both his client and his candidate pool are given all the support and information they need during the recruitment process. He also has a strong network… read more