About Us

Tansel’s Story

Having graduated from Brighton University with a Media degree in 1999, I had no idea of what I wanted to do next. After working in product marketing within the glamorous world of the office products industry for 5 years, I decided to travel for a year and like most recruiters, ‘fell’ into recruitment on my return.

After a tough start, and nearly quitting within 6 months, things started to turnaround. The long hours, countless business development calls and client meetings all across the South East, eventually resulted in me becoming successful, gaining several promotions and eventually leading several successful teams within 5 years.

I then decided I needed another challenge, one that fitted in with my relocation plans at the time. In 2010 my employers presented me with the opportunity to set up a brand-new HR Recruitment team in Brighton. Within 2 years, I grew the team to three, and was then headhunted to do the same for a rival organisation on a grander scale in Central London. Having met my now wife, the timing worked well as we had planned to relocate back to Surrey at the time.

Fast forward another 5 years in which I helped build two new teams within a hugely competitive and commercial environment, I decided it was time for me to set up The Talent Place.

A group of people standing on top of a mountain.

Whilst it was naturally daunting to give up a relatively secure and well-paid job, I had the confidence to believe that if I could do it for my employers, surely I could do it for myself. I had three main motivations at the time:

Complete autonomy to do the work that I enjoyed and felt I added the most value

By working with our clients on an exclusive and retained basis, the relatively low volume of roles that we work on ensures that we have the focus and motivation to deliver. By declining the opportunity to work on multi-agency roles, we have more time to get to know our clients and candidates and become a genuine external partner.

Invest in my own self-development and offer a broader range of skills and services to my network

Over the last two years, I have become a fully qualified Level 7 Executive Coach & Mentor through the ILM. I am also a certified Hogan assessor, so I can also deliver sophisticated Psychometric assessments that compliment both recruitment and coaching services.

Achieve a quality work-life balance without compromising on my capability to deliver

With offices in Surrey, London and virtually anywhere with Wifi, we are available at the times when needed.

I’m proud to say that the hard work, challenge and risk involved in taking these steps is being rewarded. I appreciate that my journey may be different to how you want your story to read, but hope that it inspires you to establish and work towards your own personal objectives, whatever they may be.