I have been working with Tansel as my coach and have also used his recruitment services for a client of mine. Firstly, as a coach Tansel immediately got me into gear! He is a great listener and provided me with tangible actions I could take to instantly impact my goals. He gave me lots of ideas on how to make the most of my business and offering. He was able to instil belief and confidence in me about how I work and what I have built, which definitely banished any imposter syndrome I may have had. Tansel is a natural mentor and match maker, it is clear he is an expert in these fields something which he has honed over the many years he has worked in HR recruitment and coaching. He can understand a business and person holistically and what could be holding them back or what they need to work on. He is an open, genuine and caring person. These values are also reflected in the team he has hired at The Talent Place. I trust Tansel and he is also fun to be around. As a recruiter he was quick at providing a suitable high quality candidate. I look forward to working with Tansel more in future, and seeing him and his fantastic team and business grow!