Outplacement & Career Coaching


Making redundancies can be a difficult period for all involved. A comprehensive outplacement service offers individuals going through a redundancy process the opportunity to work with an expert in providing advice,guidanceand confidence across all areas of the job search process.

Benefits of Outplacement:

  • By providing Outplacement support to employees experiencing redundancy, you’ll be helping them transition from your business into whatever they do next.
  • By including Outplacement as part of a redundancy package, it will help preserve positive relationships between those affected and the organisation.
  • It sends a caring and supportive message to other members of staff who remain within the business. Whilst they may not be directly affected, they will value the support you have given to those that are.
  • Helps maintain or even improve your internal and external employer brand.

Career Coaching

We’re passionate about understanding the potential in people and use a deep, questioning style of coaching that challengesyourthinking.”¯ From there, clarity and focus emerge, establishing the perfect foundation for a way forward designed to make you unstoppable.

Whether your goal is to get that promotion, perform better in your current role, completely change career, set up your own business or gain greater job fulfilment, we have a proven track record in helping our clients get there quicker.”¯

Outplacement & Career Coaching Sessions Include:

  • Assessments andDevelopment
  • Career Options & Job Alignment
  • CVGuidance andInterviewPreparation
  • JobSearchStrategies
  • LinkedInOptimisation
  • Networking &AgencyRelationships
  • InterviewPreparation and Performance
  • Coaching sessions
  • 6-Step strategy that will help you proactively pursue your ideal role
  • Consultancy & Self-Employment possibilities
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Richard West, Director of Creative

Tansel has been coaching me for six months and I can already see how this has impacted my career and business in a positive way. Tansel has exceeded expectations – helping me focus and work towards my professional goals and…
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Katherine Stewart, Service Development Manager

Tansel’s coaching is excellent. He is approachable, professional, and knowledgeable. He is empathetic, non-judgemental, and ensured he established my needs, and learning style. His expertise helped me to address problems I had around managing my workload and having to be…
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Alex Cooper, Managing Director

I’ve been working with Tansel for the past 9 months since assuming some new leadership responsibilities and have found his input to be invaluable. Tansel has helped me to develop both self-awareness and awareness of colleagues regarding style and approach…
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Debra Baker, Interim Senior HR Manager

I have worked with Tansel for the past few years both as a client and more recently as a candidate. Tansel takes the time to get a good understanding of both the client and the brief and as a result…
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Hayley Proctor, Interim Resourcing Lead

Tansel has consistently maintained a strong relationship over the years. He is open, honest, focused on successful outcomes and understands his clients requirements and challenges effectively.

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Claire Day, HR Director

I have worked with Tansel over many years now, from my time at Balfour Beatty, which is a testament to his sage advice giving, industry knowledge and ability to deliver. Long may the relationship continue.
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